Helping Animals In Need

  • Provide care
  • Report abuse & neglect
  • Promote spay and neuter
  • Educate on animal welfare
  • Promote adoption

ARF Statistics

  • Cat occupancy: 27
  • Dogs in foster care:  2
  • Total Adoptions: 883
  • Total Spay/Neuter Certificates: 5,116

ARF is in need of foster homes for Pit Bull Terriers currently in the care of WCSPCA that pass behavioral testing.  Foster homes are where dogs are cared for in a home environment and taught basic obedience to help make them more adoptable.  ARF pays for vet care and food.  If interested, call ARF 918-766-0991 or apply online.

If you see any dog without shelter, water and food, please call the non-ermergency police dispatch at 918-338-4001 to request an Animal Control Officer do a "wellness check".  If you do not see results, keep calling back until you do.  Have others report it as well. 

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